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Auto Pro Central can simplify the day to day service needs of automotive garages. We have looked closely at the needs of service centres and found a better way that they can communicate with their customers. Our research has shown that several systems on the market are far too complicated and difficult to adopt. The good news is we have developed an easy to use central booking system and customer contact solution that takes virtually no time to learn giving you the tools to plan work and assign bookings with less time and effort than ever before. We know that most garages simply don't have the time or inclination to learn big software systems and nor should they need to do so! We have addressed this problem so our service will just fit in with your existing business.

We have built this solution so you can get started within 48 hours! Yes, this is a a big statement but true! You can then introduce follow on Auto Pro Central modules when you have the time or the need.

Auto Pro Central can modernise how you do things without complexity, it is intuitive and most importantly a very cost effective service solution.

How could it benefit your service centre?
  • Bring you customer records up to date using the service
  • Have your customer contact and vehicle records all in one place and easily accessible
  • An ultra quick vehicle and customer look up dashboard
  • Email or text alert your customers or set up automatic customer alerts
  • Book in service jobs at your service desk in an instant from dashboard
  • Advanced and uncomplicated diary and service booking planner that can be configured specifically for your garage
  • Pre configure the repair and service time slots and this will be reflected in the booking availability
  • Offer an automated 24 hour booking service online
  • Print job sheets as required
  • Plan your work effectively and review your completed jobs
  • Contact your customers instantly should additional work be needed on their vehicle
  • On job completion, automatically inform your customer that their vehicle is ready
  • Remind your customers automatically when their vehicle needs a service
  • Remind your customers automatically of their MOT due date
  • Promote offers and seasonal recommendations to your clients
How does it benefit your customers?
  • Your customer can book their car in for any service job via a smart phone or online
  • They can select their vehicle and preferred date and time for a booking
  • Customer can view their service and MOT status of their vehicle
  • They can be kept fully informed by email and text notification
  • They can request to receive text alerts from you
  • The can receive their invoice via email
  • Having a great service experience will keep them coming back
Optional ‘add-on' modules
  • Update your website as part of the Auto Pro Central service
  • Generate invoices to be sent out when a job is complete
  • Email invoices to your customers automatically
  • Order vehicle parts through your favourite suppliers
  • Take payments for routine service, MOTs and repairs online
  • Configure bespoke accounts and reporting features
  • Generate quick reference reports to help you understand and monitor your business properly
  • Keep things simple 'on the go’ with viewable charts and graphs to help you analyse performance
  • Integrate postcode lookup
  • Integrate DVLA Lookup
  • Advanced marketing module to design and process marketing campaigns by email and text
Monthly Packages

Its great value!


Text costs &
small once only set up fee
  • Text messaging alerting for:
  • Customer contact
  • MOT
  • Service alerting
  • Vehicle ready
  • Seasonal promotions
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Text costs &
small once only set up fee
  • Dealer dashboard with quick look up
  • +
  • Bronze package included:
    Text alert service
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Text costs &
small once only set up fee
  • 24/7 online customer bookings and vehicle status look-up
  • +
  • Silver package included:
    Central dashboard
  • +
  • Bronze package included:
    Text alert service
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Text costs &
small once only set up fee
  • New website design & build with hosting
  • +
  • Gold package included:
    24/7 online customer bookings and vehicle status look-up service
  • +
  • Silver package included:
    Central dashboard
  • +
  • Bronze package included:
    Text alert service
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Subscribe for 24 months and receive a 15% discount.

If you have an existing website we will provide a link to add a booking button in the menu area of your site or we can build you a new website as an option with our platinum package.

Call our sales team today for a quick demonstration or for more information. contact 01442 865557 : sales@autoprocentral.com

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